Top-5 Tips for Selecting a Kindergarten Program

Top-5 Tips for Selecting a Kindergarten Program

Ready for Kindergarten? Tips for Selecting a Program

Looking for a kindergarten can be an overwhelming task. Oftentimes, parents are unsure of what to look for and important questions to ask. Typically when parents are touring different schools looking for that just right kindergarten program the hope is to keep their child in the school for the entirety of their elementary and middle school experience. Kindergarten is a special time when friend bonds of both the children and parents are established and kept throughout their school experience.

Below are a few of the key areas to consider when looking into a kindergarten for your child.

School Climate

When you step onto the campus of a school, you can feel the school’s climate by how welcoming the staff might be, do the teachers and staff seem happy to be at there, are the children actively engaged and appear to be happy. These are all details to observe when touring a school. Your child is at the school about seven hours out of their day. It is important that they are surrounded by loving and caring people so they feel safe and secure.

Student-to-Teacher Ratios

Student to teacher ratios is one of the most frequently asked questions when parents tour schools. It is important to ask the ratio of students to teacher. At some schools they also have either full-time or part-time teacher assistants which is extremely helpful as the assistant can help students and monitor while the teacher is teaching.

School Schedule

Ask about the school’s schedule. How often do the students get recess and lunch? What is the start and end time of the instructional day? Are there additional classes other than the core subjects that the school offers? How much of the day is spent on traditional learning vs. hands-on centers. These are all important questions as it is important for you to know what your child’s day consists of.

Look Ahead

While you are inquiring about Kindergarten, ask about future grades as well. Since selecting a school should be a long-term investment, it’s important to get a good understanding of what the future holds. Do the class sizes remain the same? Are there teacher assistants in every grade level? Is the schedule similar to kindergarten?


If you are looking at a parochial school, look at how faith is integrated inside and  outside the classroom? Do they attend a weekly religious service? Do they have a mentorship program with older students to help them model Christian behavior. Is religion just a class or is it integrated into their entire curriculum program?

Learn more about Kindergarten and the selection process by attending the K is for Kindergarten event at The Parish School at St. Edward on Wednesday, February 27 from 4:30 – 5:30 PM.  You can ask the veteran kindergarten teachers and administrators your questions, engage in hands-on activities and learn about our unique program that sets us apart! Children and parents welcome.

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